Clairvoyance/Private Readings


Spiritualist mediums use gifts such as clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience to communicate with our loved ones from the spirit world.  Some have these spiritual gifts from birth.  Whilst most others attend Awareness and Development Classes for many years.  A clairaudient is a medium who can hear voices (audio) from our spirit friends. Whilst a clairvoyant sees spirit, and a clairsentient senses spirit.

It is important to note that Spiritualism is a recognized religion. At a Spiritualist Church service, the medium will form a communication link between him/herself and the Spirit World and will pass on any messages  received from our friends and loved ones. These communications/messages prove that our friends and loved ones survive the change known as death. However this change does not affect their personality and character.  These traits  are an example of the evidence the medium will give to the recipient.


Private Readings

Gina Zivtins   Tel: 07891 862888  –   Email:   Gina  is a Spiritualist Medium and available for Private Readings.   Gina is also a Reiki Master and Teacher.

Debs Kiely  Tel: 07943 919443.  Debs is Brampton, Cambs based and is available for private readings, group readings and platform work.

Patsy Henson  Tel: 01480 460070.  Patsy is a Spiritualist Medium and Healer.

Barbara Price   (EH,HPAI,IHM), March, Cambridgeshire.  Tel: 01354 655093.   Barbara is available for private readings and healing and also holds Clairvoyance evenings in March, Cambs. every other Monday.

Jenni Gomes (MIFA,FESIP,ASK Assoc.)  Tel: 07962 719876.  Jenni is available for Private Readings, Spiritual Appraisals, Auragraphs and much more.

Chantelle Coupland,  Peterborough.                                                Email:   Chantelle is available for Private Readings,  Telephone Readings, Church Services, Demonstrations, Sensitive Caring Conduct, Registered Healer, Workshops and Teaching.

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