Privacy Statement

As required by the General Data Protection Regulations 2018

The statement below sets out St Ives Spiritualist Church’s policy for protecting the information that is held about you.

Why St Ives Spiritualist Church needs information about individuals?
Our church uses the information to communicate with members and volunteers. Communication includes emails, telephone calls, texts and postal communication.
Content of the communications may include any of the following:
• Invitations to attend meetings and special events.
• Newsletters to give members news about forthcoming events.
• Reminders that subscriptions are due or that subscription rates have changed.
What information does St Ives Spiritualist Church store?
• Names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of members.
• Membership numbers.
• Names of those attending our events.
We confirm that the above information will not be shared with other organisations
What information does St Ives Spiritualist Church NOT use or store?
• We do not ask for or store bank details for any individuals.
• We do not collect or process payment card information.
Where is the information held by St Ives Spiritualist Church Stored?
• Email information is stored on Mailbird and all access is password controlled.
• Hard copy membership forms are filed at the acting secretary’s premises. In future they may be     held by any person appointed to be membership secretary.
Who has access to personal information stored by St Ives Spiritualist Church?
• The acting secretary of our church is currently the only person with access to personal information.
• Access will be extended to include any person appointed to be membership secretary in the future.
What happens if there is a data breach?
• In this unlikely event, the acting secretary or membership secretary would immediately contact those members affected by the breach; inform them about the problem and how this would be resolved. Appropriate steps would be taken to ensure this could not happen again.
How long will your personal information be kept and what will happen to information no longer needed?
• For the duration of your membership.
• Until you cease to be a member.
All digital information will be deleted and paper information shredded when no longer needed.
How can you access or amend your information?
• By email or postal communication to the acting secretary of St Ives Spiritualist Church.
• The names of the committee will appear on the website
• Photographs of members events will only appear following their consent and names, as required, in reports of activities.
• There is no membership list on our website.
Acting Secretary / Membership Secretary – Barbara Theobald
Date: 06/06/18

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