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A Poem for Remembrance  –  by Julie King

We think of the people who have given their life,
Father or Mother, husband or wife. 
A son or daughter, stranger or friend. 
Whoever they are it is love that we send. 
In these terrible times of disaster and fear,
Our everyday heroes we remember them here. 
For all of the people who have answered a call,
At this special time, we remember them all.



This place a Spirit Sanctuary
Is special like a home,
It brings us all together
You do not feel alone.
You do not need a reason
To ask why or when or for
A loving welcome greets you
When you enter through that door.
From Prayers to Hymns and Messages
Which are sent from high above
With love and light and guidance
All given with pure love.
When we are feeling troubled
In times of strife and woe
We are helped along our pathway
Wherever we may go.
So keep us safe and guide us
As we enter a new week
Put a blessing on this Sanctuary
Until again we meet.

OUR CHURCH  –   by Cherry Smith

This church were I stand, here in this place,
helps me to cope with the life that I face,
when I walk in the doors and enter the room,
the sunshine of all faces helps lift the gloom,
I’m part of a family, all friends I shall meet,
all are so friendly and happy to greet.

The world of the spirit calls at this door,
they see and they know what you all ask for,
the guidance, the love, the proof of the spirit,
a word given truly from all loved ones in it,
so this church where I stand, here in this place,
tells me keep coming with the life that I face.

When you feel certain you have found the right load,
then you are ready to set off on your road,
but you’ll always remember where the sunshine came in,
where you got faith and courage to help you begin,
so this church where I stand, here in this place,
is a Spiritual home, so serve it with grace.

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