Facebook Page:    St Ives Spiritualist Church.  Like our page and keep up to date with events etc.

Sunday Service Readings: If anyone in the congregation, member or non member, would like to do a reading at one of our Sunday services you would be more than welcome.  Please speak to a committee member at church or email us.  The reading can be anything you feel drawn to share; a favourite poem, a piece from a book or something you have written yourself.

Members Page: You will have noted a Members page on this site.  If any member would like to put something on this page, either a poem, some inspirational writing or just anything you would like to share with our friends of the church, such as a favourite recipe or joke, then just send it in an email or bring it into the church and we will see that it is entered on the page.  It will be left on there for at least a month, depending on how many offerings we receive.  It’s your page!


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